Monday, August 1, 2011

Snacks and Supplements

So here are somethings that I use and like the best. The vitamins I take once a day in the morning I cut in half because they have way more than I need for my height.

The Stila bars you can buy at HEB for about $1.89 for a pack of six, this is also where I bought the snickers energy bar (a pack of six for $5.73, but at Walmart sold individually for 98 cents). The snickers one was great because I love chocolate and its not so far off from the real deal.

The Quaker rice cakes were actually pretty good. I was impressed with how good they were. I cannot recall the price of these.

The Emerald breakfast bags are really good! They have a trail mix type one but I like these better because of the cranberries and the walnuts. And the yogurt balls are great since I cannot have milk and I am slightly Lactose intolerant. Hence the additional calcium supplement from above. I thought I would just share some of the things that I like with you guys too!

Here is the picture I took today after I worked out. Sorry for the all natural look I was not going to sweat in make up. I am hoping to put up a picture every week or so, so you guys can see me shape up!

Please feel free to ask advice or share ideas. I love helping people get fit and achieve their goals. That's why I'm a coach!

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