Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Day 3: Elliptical myself to death

So I went to the recreation center today between work shifts to jump on the elliptical machines that are placed nicely in front of some big fans. WOOT! I stayed on for an hour. My legs are sore but I feel stronger. I forgot how much I love those wonderful machines. (Since I have knee and ankle problems it does wonders for me). Not super hungry today, yesterday was bad though. Around midnight I wanted to eat everything in the fridge. But today was a good day, I felt productive in my workout. Hopefully my fiance will start joining me and I finally kicked that little cold! I'm coming around the mountain!


8am: Oatmeal and Blueberries = 181 calories

10am: Goldfish snack 50 calories 1/2 cup of apple juice 50 calories = 281 calories

11am: Sandwich with mozzarella cheese, pickles, on honey wheat 235 calories; and a cup of pineapples 60 calories = 576 calories

1pm: Pre-workout snack, snickers power bar 210 calories = 786 calories

3pm: Post-workout Quacker granola bars 190 calories = 976 calories

6pm: Stila bar 100 calories and Triscuit crackers 120 calories = 1196 calories

9pm: 6 chicken wings 348 calories, ranch dressing 1 tbsp 140 calories, small serving of pasta salad 180 calories; and a cup of pineapples and strawberries 120 = 1984 calories

Total Calories = 1984 ! Woot still under!
1984-583 = Total Calories input = 1401 calories!


Cardio: Elliptical Machine

60 Minutes
583 Calories burned
5.75 Miles traveled
Top heart rate at 189!

10x bicep curl machine with 25 pound weights
10x bicep curl machine with 12.5 pound weights

Hollow hold ups 10x for 10 seconds arms extended

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