Monday, August 1, 2011

Day 1: Recovery

So today I was going to start my P90X but unfortunately I am still recovering from a chest/head cold so I will be taking it easy. Just sticking to biceps and triceps today along with my usual core on the yoga ball. Right now I can't breathe so cardio is a no-go. Maybe when I go to work later I'll feel good enough to jump on the elliptical for 10 min on level 10 resistance to try to make up for it. Can't wait till I start feeling better. I'm also going to try to list what I eat everyday as a nutrition guide as well.


9am: Chicken soup (50 calories)and coffee (50 calories)= 100 calories

12pm:Lean Cuisine Chicken pot stickers (steamed) 270 calories = 370 Calories
Kind Fruit and Nut bar 180 calories = 550 Calories

2pm: Peanut butter and jelly sandwich on honey wheat bread 280 calories = 830 calories

4pm: Snickers Power bar 220 calories = 1050 calories

6pm: Bowl of fruit with Strawberries, Cantaloupe, and pineapple (1 cup each) 180 calories = 1230 calories

9pm: Lean Cuisine shrimp and broccoli 210 calories = 1440 calories

10pm: Sugar free oatmeal and a cup of blueberries 281 = 1721 calories

TOTAL Calorie intake = 1721 Total for today. Kept under that 2000 cal goal!

*Note that I only drink water besides the coffee in the morning and I work everyday from 4-9pm so I miss dinner and just have a 200-250 calorie snack at work around 6:30pm. Then I go home to have a small dinner at 9pm. I will update this as I complete the rest of the day. Also I drink at least a gallon on water a day and no more than 2,000 calories. I use a 32 ounce water bottle and refill it 4 times a day. I try to drink at least half a bottle before every meal and please be careful not to drink too much at once, you could get water intoxication.

Exercise: Abs, Biceps, and Triceps

100x crunches on the yoga ball
20x Alternating v-ups
70x Twists with 6 pound medicine ball
5 sets of 10x Bicep curls with 10 pound weight
5 sets of 10x Tricep dips with body weight
50x Bicycle crunches
2 sets of 12x Bicep curls with 20 pound weight
3 sets of 10x Tricep press with 5 pound weight
50x push ups on knees
8x mat pushes across 40ft floor with 25 lb weight on it

Tomorrow: Exercise Back, Chest, P90x and cardio; more calorie info!

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