Friday, September 9, 2011

Yum Yum

So here are some of my new favorite things. The nature's own bread was a little dry but it cuts 30 calories per slice and there was not a major difference. The cheese crisps are actually really tasty! The smart ones has the best spinach in a frozen dinner and the pasta isn't all dried out. I was impressed. And last but not least is the Mushroom Tortellini by Lean Cuisine. Super delicious, moist, and fresh peas and snap beans. I probably eat 2 or 3 of these a week I like them so much.

Going on the elliptical tomorrow. Sorry again for being MIA but being my husbands taxi is taxing. Also I'm graduating 4 times this year including this past summer so school is bogging down my work out and blogging time. I will try to at least make sure that I let you guys know what's delicious and what's working for me with working out. Now that the weather is not god awful (100 degrees) outside I might actually be able to do more biking and hiking on the trails around town. Please feel free to ask questions about healthy foods and workout advice.

Also since I am a little lactose intolerant I take a daily vitamin (which I break in half because they tend to have WAY TOO much in them) a calcium supplement which I also break in half. Just to make sure that I get what I need. Reminder if your urine is almost fluorescent than you are just peeing out the extra vitamins, which is fine but not so great for your kidneys (per my BFF who has a B.A. in nutrition)

If you are having trouble controlling what you eat because you are driving a lot or are not home a lot pack some food for the day. That is what I do. When I am gone at school all day and then have to work that I what I do. I have not set foot in the school cafeteria in over a year. NOT even for coffee. I always have my trusty water bottle (which most gas stations will let you stop and get ice for free or very cheap if you want some out of their fountain drink dispensers) and a lunch bag full of food.

I always measure my serving sizes out and eat about 150 calories every hour and a half, other wise I am starving. I try to pack things that can get warm if I am in the car a long time. Carrots, Pretzels, low-cal chips, granola bars, powerbars, nut bars, trail mix, chex mix honey cereal, dried fruits or veggies, PBJ sandwiches, etc. That way you don't stop at the gas station and get some processed bag of crappy chips or candy.

But I am not perfect. I do have coffee every morning. I am not going to give that up. I am not a nice person when I don't have it. And one bad thing won't kill me. Also I drink the monster rehabs, they actually do not upset my stomach and only have 25 calories per drink which compared to the regular green label monsters that have 200 calories which is the equivalent of a small meal. They may not be healthy but if I need a pick me up that's what I get. Don't get them confused with the M80 Monsters which are also yellow labeled. Any who that's all for now it's time for bed for this crazy lady.

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